Fifth international BOBCATSSS symposium in Budapest

January 27-30, 1997.

Call for papers and participation

BOBCATSSS is now organizing the 5th international BOBCATSSS symposium to take place at the National Széchényi Library in Budapest on January 27-30, 1997. The theme of the 5th symposium is:


The programme will include the following topics and workshops:


BOBCATSSS invites professionals and students to participate in the symposium and/or workshops. Participants are invited to present papers about every topic.
Contributed papers will be allotted 20-25 minutes, including discussion.
Paper submissions must include the following data:

The organisation committee is responsable for the selection of the papers.
The papers of the plenary sessions and workshops will be published in July 1997.


The registration fee is Dfl. 150,-- (students Dfl. 75,--) to participate in the symposium. This fee includes the participation in the symposium, the reception, buffet and publication of the proceedings. A visit to an opera and some excursions on the fourth day of the symposium, January 30th, will be arranged because of the fifth anniversary of the BOBCATSSS-symposium. The symposium will be sponsored by BOBCATSSS and other profit and non profit organisations.

Please complete the included registration form if you wish to present a paper about one of the topics mentioned above or if you want to participate.
It is also possible to contact or send a fax to the coordinator of the symposium:

Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics & Information,
att. dr. Ruud Bruyns,
P.O. Box 10895
1001 EW
the Netherlands
tel. +31(0)20-5552361/362
fax. +31(0)20-5552315
email [email protected]


(1) BOBCATSSS is a corporation of a number of European educational institutes in the field of Library and/or Information Sciences.
The members are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Kharkiv, Moscow, Oslo, Sheffield, Sofia, Stuttgart, Szombathely, Tallinn and Tampere.

(2) EUCLID stands for European Association for Library and Information Education and Research.


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