1993  Budapest, Hungary  The Role of Libraries Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
1994  Budapest, Hungary  The Future of Librarianship
1995  Budapest, Hungary  Marketing and Development of New Information Products and Services in Europe
1996  Budapest, Hungary  Quality of Information Services
1997  Budapest, Hungary  New Book Economy
1998  Budapest, Hungary  Shaping the Knowledge Society
1999  Bratislava  Learning Society - Learning Organisation - Lifelong Learning (LLL)
2000  Krakow  Intellectual property vs. the right to knowledge
2001  Vilnius  Knowledge, Information and Democracy in the Open Society: the Role of Library and Information Sector
2002*  Portoroz  Hum@n Beings and Information Specialists. Future Skills, Qualifications, Positioning
2003  Torun, Poland  Information Policy and the European Union
2004*  Riga, Latvia  Library and Information in Multicultural Societies
2005  Budapest, Hungary  Librarianship in the information age
2006  Tallinn, Estonia  Information, Innovation, Responsibility: Information professional in the Network Society
2007*  Prague, Czech Republic  Marketing of Information Services
2008*  Zadar, Croatia  Providing access to information for everyone
2009*  Porto, Portugal  Challenges for the New Information Professional
2010*  Parma, Italy  Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all?
2011*  Szombathely, Hungary  Finding new ways
2012*  Amsterdam, the Netherlands  Information in E-Motion
2013  Ankara, Turkey  From Collections to Connections: Turning Libraries “Inside-Out”
2014*  Barcelona, Spain  Library (r)evolution: Promoting sustainable information practices
2015*  Brno, Czech Republic  DESIGN • INNOVATION • PARTICIPATION
2016*  Lyon, France  Information • Libraries • Democracy
2017*  Tampere, Finland  Life quality through information
2018  Riga, Latvia  The power of reading
2019*  Osijek, Croatia  Information and technology transforming lives: connection, interaction, innovation
2020  Paris, France  Information management, fake news and disinformation
2021*  online  Digital transformation
2022  Debrecen, Hungary  Data and Information Science
2023  Oslo, Norway  A New Era: Exploring the Possibilities and Expanding the Boundaries
2024  Coimbra, Portugal  Information Profession and Sustainable Development
2025  Istanbul, Turkey  Artificial Intelligence In Library And Information Science: Exploring The Intersection

*) (Partial) archived copy, provided by The original site is no longer online, to my knowledge.

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