BOBCATSSS is an organisation of a number of European educational institutes in the field of Library and/or Information Science.

Members, as of 1997:
Barcelona Esola Universitaria Barcelona, Escola de Biblioteconomia Spain
Oslo Hřgskolen i Oslo, avd. for journalistikk, bibliotek- og informasjonsfag, bibliotekarutdanningen Norway
Budapest Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest, Dept. of Library and Information Studies
Copenhagen Danmarks Biblioteksskole Denmark
Amsterdam Hogeschool van Amsterdam, School for Library and Information Studies
Tampere University of Tampere, Department of Information Studies Finland
Stuttgart Hochschule der Medien (formerly known as: Fachhochschule für Bibliothekwesen)
Szombathely Teachers Training College of Szombathely, Dept. of Library and Information Studies
Sheffield University of Sheffield, Dept. of Information Studies United Kingdom

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