An evaluation of the working on the fifth BOBCATSSS-Symposium

During the last seven months a group of 35 students and teachers have spent numerous hours to organize the fifth BOBCATSSS-Symposium in Budapest. Several of us have already had a number of sleepless nights.

As you all know the theme of this year's symposium is The New Book Economy.
About 100 speakers from all over the world will be presenting the situation in their country or expressing their opinion about one of the topics.
The list of participants is larger then ever over 350 people will be attending the conference in Budapest.
Our guest of honour is Dr. Á. Göncz, president of Hungary.

The student organizing committee is divided into 4 groups:

Everyone involved works daily to ensure that all immediate tasks have been done. Each group meets once or twice a week and discusses the activities scheduled for the next few weeks. The chair person of each group meets with the chair of the student organisation to discuss achievements and priorities.

Various decisions included:

We have spent a great deal of effort into organizing this symposium and we all look forward going to Budapest.

The programme will be on the Internet in early January.

We hope to welcome you in Budapest on January 27.

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