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Fourth international BOBCATSSS symposium in Budapest

January 29-31, 1996.

The 4th BOBCATSSS symposium in Budapest will consist of a plenary session and workshops.
These are the main topics and the people who are either leading a workshop or giving a presentation:

Management & Staff | Databases | Youth | Customer Statisfaction | Electronic Publishing

Plenary session

Name Country Title
M. Burke From rough gems to diamond managers : training quality managers for the information world
B. Dankert Quality of information services to the youth.
J. v/d Walle Quality of databases.
M. Wheeler USA Library staff development for a new millenium.
O. Harbo Evaluation of research programs in library and information science.
J. Domingo The quality of image scanning.

Management & Staff

Name Country Title
G.G. Aseyev
V.N. Sheyko
Conception of training specialists of modern information- bibliographic level in the Kharkiv State Institute of Culture.
A. Boekhorst Survival of the fittest and the information mediating process.
C.G. Johannsen
I. Larsen
T.Q.M. methods for designing information products and services. The application of quality function deployment in the information sector.
Different ways to organise user influence in a T.Q.M. perspective.
S.R. Jones Modelling information requirements in the design of information provision appliances.
A. Mass�simo Education on quality for European information professionals.
G. Netting
J.W.A. Netting
Managing change in a user service environment.
J. Nijboer
M. Swenne
Managers managing: upward appaisal systems.
Coaching the employee.
�.M. Papp
T. Markus
Is library a learning organisation?
J. Tcherniakova
L. van Zoen
Conditions for quality improvement in East-European libraries.
B. Zurawski Problems in teaching on electronic information resrouces.

Networks & Databases

Name Country Title
G.G. Aseyev
V.V. Karnaushenko
Knowledge representation of plasma physics.
A. Brozek Analysis of databases created and/or used in libraries in the Czech Republic.
D.J. Farace
I. de Heer
Design and development of grey literature resources
L. Gombos The CIKK database
T. Koltay Quality on the Internet: who decides?
P. Muranyi Hungarian librarian journals in information science databases
G. Sebestyen A Hungarian experience with Dialog

Quality of Youth Information Services

Name Country Title
F. Gruler
S. Kr�ger
Quality standards of library services to children in Germany. Theory and practice.
I. Glashoff Teenage libraries in Germany.
M. Rzasa Youth and information in Poland since 1989.

Customer Satisfaction

Name Country Title
R. Audunson The concept of quality: myth or reality.
D. Kalydy Quality services to the students of the Central European University (CEU) Library, Budapest, Hungary.
G. Kovacs Library campaign to promote library service.
C. Lavell Improving the information services of the library of The society for the preservation of nature in the Netherlands : quality improvement and customer satisfaction.
N.O. Pors Expectations and perceptions: an analysis of students attitudes to library systems.
G. Tsessarskaya Advertising & PR as a method of creating and supporting demand for the library services.
S. Virkus Customer satisfaction in a business information environment.
V. Zagumennaya Reference information service in the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine.

Electronic Publishing

Name Country Title
E. den Boef
C. Kluiters
B. Loughridge Factors affecting the evaluation of rapid document delivery and electronic awareness services in academic libraries.
W. Luyendijk Subscription agencies: fewer, tougher, more agile - and beleaguered.
J. Susol Network publishing - its communication advantages and risks.
G. Waters Tradition and innovation; the changing world of the library and the periodical agency.

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